Match and Challenges

In the game lobby you can challenge other online players and accept their game proposals. You can propose to play a single game (single challenge) or to play a match with several consecutive games. The matches can include from 2 to 5 games, plus any play-offs in case of a final tie.

You can challenge a specific player or launch a challenge to all the players in the game lobby, filtered by their score.

Of course you can also choose the match thinking time (cadence), the color to play with, and a number of other options to always feel comfortable and experience different gaming experiences.

The color of the game, if you have not specified Black as a preference, is assigned by the system by inverting the color of the last game played between the two opponents. In case it is the first time that the two players meet, it is randomly assigned by the system.

Examples of possible challenges

Game: a single match against an opponent

Match: from 2 to 5 games against the same opponent, whoever scores the most points wins the match

Armageddon: challenge of a game in which the player with Black has less time than White, but wins with a tie. So Black has a disadvantage over time but has two out of three results in his favor (a draw and a win). This cadence of game where the draw equals the victory of black, is also used as the last playoff game in the case of a match to unequivocally define the winner.

Different Times: game in which a player has less time than the opponent. Usually this game mode is proposed to challenge stronger opponents, giving less time to the best player (and more time to the less good one). It is a game that serves to balance the forces on the pitch (for example, giving 3 minutes to the best against 5 minutes to the least good)