Who are our partners?
Options for players
Registration of your Federation ID If you have a Federation ID, you can associate it with your profile and automatically become a member of the chess club where you made your card.

Associate your federation ID

Follow the activities of the Partners You can decide at any time to follow the activities organized by OmniaChess partners which are the Regional Committees, Chess Clubs and Chess Schools recognized by the Federations. Just choose, among the various lists, one or more organizations of your interest and then decide to associate. Once your request is accepted, you can see and access their service offer.

Follow a a regional committee, a club or a chess school
Chess federations, regional committees, clubs and chess schools
If you are the head of a Regional Committee or a Chess Club you can request that your association be registered and can operate on OmniaChess. Select your association and follow the procedure.

Register as a head of Chess Organization
Official online events take place under a recognized from federation arbiter. is the first platform to provide the role of the arbiter for official online events. The native integration of the VEGA pairing system with the Platform removes unnecessary data-entry and let the federal arbiters to operate on a complete tool, certified and tha they know well. Finaly, the system guarantees, during the tournament, arbiter-player comunication without any personal data exchange, operation that could expose the arbiter to obligations on privacy.

Register as arbiter
Teachers offers the teacher which is recognized from the Federation all the needed functions to manage single lessons or class, with the possibility to organize classic tournaments or thematic for the students. There are also specific functions for school programs.

Register as teacher
Organizers offers the tournament organizer the perfect environment to propose its events to a vast audience of players. Registration procedure and arbiters' activities will be automatized completely. In addition, the organization will be able to propose events recognized from the Federation for the purposes of titles and online elo.

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